Sitton Responds to Bonnen's Attacks

For immediate release: July 22, 2012

Contact: Katie Parise, Campaign Manager

Sitton Sets the Record Straight on Bonnen Attack Ads

FRIENDSWOOD, TEXAS – Ryan Sitton, candidate for State Representative in District 24, responded
today to several attacks disseminated by his opponent, Greg Bonnen, through mailers, radio ads, and via the internet.
The Bonnen campaign has spent one of the highest amounts in Texas history for an open seat
State Representative primary race, much of it on aggressive attacks against Sitton.

“Prior to my own campaign, I did not realize that polticians can simply fabricate stories t
o slander their opponents, with little risk of reprisal,” said Sitton.
“ It is disheartening that someone can so whole-heartedly disregard honesty
in an attempt to win an election. I have always found negative campaigning to
be extrememly offensive, and I believe most voters agree with that sentiment.
However, I do wish to set the story straight on the claims which
have been made against me and my company.”

Pinnacle has never accepted ANY taxpayer or government money.
Bonnen’s mailer alleges that Sitton’s company accepted “Obama stimulus money,
” which is completely false. In 2009, Pinnacle was approved for an SBA (Small Business Administration) loan,
which is a private bank loan backed by the SBA, similar to the FDIC backing on individual bank accounts.
If Bonnen made this claim based on Pinnacle’s approval of this SBA loan, then according to Bonnen’s logic,
every American with a bank account has also accepted stimulus money. Pinnacle did not use or even accept the SBA loan,
but Bonnen nevertheless spread completely false statements about the company to voters across the district.

Pinnacle verifies the immigration status of each of its employees,
in one of the most comprehensive systems in the country.
All employees of companies like Pinnacle who perform work in refineries,
chemical plants, and mining operations across the country, must receive a
Transportation Worker Identification Credential, also known as TWIC.
More information on the stringent process to obtain this credential can be found here:
TWIC is a safety measure put in place by the Federal government to prevent potential terrorists
from entering into American industrial facilities.
Companies who adhere to TWIC regulations demonstrate an extra level of diligence
in confirming that all employees are legal U.S. citizens.

“I believe that the flagrant attacks from my opponent underscore the need for
truth and transparency in politics,” Sitton said.
“We must set a higher standard for our candidates and elected officials,
and hold them accountable for their words and their actions.
It is shocking to most of us that candidates are allowed to resort to bold-faced lies.
I vow to stick to the truth, because the residents of District 24 deserve to know
that they have someone of integrity representing them.”

Early voting runs from Monday, July 23 to Friday, July 27, from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.
During early voting, voters can vote in any polling location in Galveston County.
Voting locations include: Friendswood City Hall, North County Annex in League City,
West County Building in Santa Fe, and Dickinson Community Center.

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